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1. The Rest of the Story: What You Donít Get from the News
The T/MC doesnít have advertising dollars to draw volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs in Chicago neighborhoods. Thus when the Chicago media use a front page, or half page to tell of violence, or poor schools, we create maps and stories that aim to motivate readers to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs operate in these neighborhoods. As you view each map, read the blog story that is attached.
Crime In The News
Schools In The News
Media Promoting Solutions
2. Schools and Poverty
This section includes maps that show where poverty and low-performing schools are located in the Chicago region. Our aim is to help leaders build strategies that provide non-school tutoring and mentoring support to youth living in all of these areas. Read the blog articles that are attached to the maps, to build your own understanding of how to use this information.
Poorly Performing Schools
Succeeding Schools
3. Existing Volunteer-Based Tutor/Mentor Programs In Northeast Illinois
These maps show the location and distribution of tutoring and/or mentoring programs listed in the Tutor/Mentor Connection database. T/MC is constantly updating this information. If you know of programs not listed, or if programs we show are no longer operating, contact the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Click here to learn how to add or edit program information in the database.
Overview Maps
By Program Type
By Age Served
4. Hospitals, Universities, Faith Groups In Chicago Region
These maps show the proximity of Universities, Hospitals, and Places of Worship, in relation to known programs. The stories associated with each map discuss the roles each can play in supporting and growing programs for students in their reach.
Places of Worship
5. Maps To Support Involvement Of Business And Professional Groups
These maps are intended to support a strategic and growing involvement of different business and professional groups in actions that help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs grow in different sections of the city and suburbs. T/MC has the capacity to create maps of different industry segments, and seeks sponsors who will fund such categories.
Mass-Market Retail
Banks/Fortune 1000
6. Maps To Support Actions And Strategies Of Elected Leaders
These maps show the boundaries of Congressional, State Senate and State Legislative districts serving the Chicago region. They are intended to support leadership of elected leaders and their efforts to mobilize business, religious, university and public health assets to support the growth of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in each district. Read the blog articles attached with each map.
7. Maps that illustrate T/MC strategies and collaborations
These are maps that T/MC has created to support collaborations in different neighborhoods, or to demonstrate impact of a business leader. They also show participation in events hosted by the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Read the blog stories with each map to learn more about each map.

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