Event Create Help
Event creators can record a new accomplishment, contact or event using this create event Menu. In the events, Results & Accomplishments: New Information Form page users can describe their event details and based on the details provided event reports are generated.

*For purposes of this explanation “EVENT” is a term used to describe any action, contact, accomplishment or event that a recorder documents in T/MC OHATS.

Recorder name can be chosen from the list of existing names or a new recorder can be added through the “Add New” link

If you check this box, events will not be listed to public. It is available for the logged users only

Specify the Date on which the event took place, or began

If you are not sure when the event happened then choose an approximate date for when the event took place

Specify the source of the Event. By default the event source will be set as “Internal” All internal and external events will be listed separately in the Main page.

Choose a state in which an event or action took place, or where the primary contact is located. E.G. if you had a meeting with someone from New York City, choose New York, from the list of states

Specify the country where the event is scheduled to occur.

State the total number of people attended the meeting, or event

Options for capturing event period
1. “Occurred on only one day” if the events occurs on only one day.
2. Choose “Multiple days but has an end date” option if the event is scheduled to occur on more than one day but has a scheduled end date.
3. Choose “It is not designed to end” if the event is a never ending event.

Item Novelty tells about the item innovation.The item can be a new item or an existing one or may be a modified from the earlier work.Choose one of the options to specify about the nature of your Item.

This section describes contacts,which may or may not lead to accomplishments or events in the future.You do not need to document every contact,but if you have a purpose for contacting someone,you can show the nature of that contact here.

Briefly outline what happened so that people outside your organization can understand the nature of your accomplishment,contact or event.

Describe why and how this event is important to the mission,objectives or work of the organization.Look at the choices in the EVENT GOALS section.All actions should related to one or more event goals,or a new goal should be stated.

State the outcome or predict future results or consequences as a result of the recorded event.

List the key person(s) involved in the event you are describing.If you have listed a person previously,the name will be in the “Key Actors Name” list.You can choose an actor of your choice or add an actor through the “Add New” link.

In this section you are listing the organizations involved in the event you are describing.By default when an actor is chosen the actor’s organization will be loaded.If you have worked with this actor or organization previously,you will be able to pull it from the list of organizations already on-line.